Ascend Chiropractic is an evidence-based chiropractic office utilizing customized treatments for your individual musculoskeletal conditions.

Treatment includes three pillars of patient care: Chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Techniques, and Rehabilitation exercises.

ART is regarded as the gold standard for treating soft tissue injuries. Ascend also utilizes many active and passive modalities including dry needling, acupuncture, ultrasound, cupping, and traction therapies during treatment.

Our Passion Is Keeping Lincoln Healthy And Active

Meet The Ascend Team

Dr. Rob Lane

  • Chiropractor

Dr. Gabe Rahn

  • Chiropractor

Shayla Flesner

  • Aesthetics Manager

Sheri Hammett

  • Patient Care Coordinator

Brooklyn Macholan

  • Chiropractic Assistant

Jake Eischens

  • Chiropractic Assistant

Ashlyn Adam

  • Chiropractic Assistant

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