Funtional rehabilitation is essential throughout the entirety of the patient's care plan.  In most cases, the patients pain can be caused by improper stress or loading on certain areas of the body due to either postural abnormalities or poor motor pattern function.  It's these two things that can lead to build up of weak and fibrotic(scar) tissue, which can eventually cause episodes of pain. 

What you need to know

During the early stages of a treatment plan, we will be providing the patient with basic exercises or stretches that will allow them to further progress outside of our clinic and regain motions that may have been lost over time.  As we move up in the care plan, ranges of motion improve and acute pain becomes less of a concern, we can begin to assess where there might be biomechanical weaknesses that have been building to what could be or is a chronic issue.  Many times, these subtle incorrect adaptations that our body has gotten used to have led to weakness in essential areas of the body and overuse in other areas.  A great example of this would be someone who has chronic low back and extremely limited hip range of motion.  The low back will compensate for the bending at the hips and then we can see the overuse cycle of the low back come into effect.  

Ascend Chiropractic's Goal

Implementing correct functional movements will be essential in the patients care plan.  The late stages of treatment focus on regaining your optimal health.  Once the patients have begun to move correctly and efficiently, we can provide exercises that will help our patients not only remain pain free but excel in doing activities that they may have not been able to do for some amount of time.  Our goal is to see all our our patients not only be pain free, but to move well and move often.  

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