Prepare ahead

Uncomfortable workstations can lead to neck pain, back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel, and many other overuse conditions! With this assessment, you may better prepare your daily environment to prevent any of these from occurring.

There are two main aspects of the self-assessment: 

  1) Working Environment Questions 

  2) The rest of the questions



Working Environment questions are meant to determine if your workstation environment allows for the specific questions. Can it potentially allow for the proper set-up, not are you actually using the equipment correctly. We want to know if your workstation has the capabilities to allow for proper ergonomic set-up.

What you need to know

You will receive one of three results: AcceptableChange Soon or Change Immediately. Acceptable is a pass but we still recommend you fix any issues you have at your workstation. Change Soon means that your working environment is set up correctly but you had too many issues on the remainder of the assessment. Change Immediately means you had one or more issues with your working environment assessment.

If you utilize a standing desk option, much of this assessment still applies. Our recommendation is that you alternate standing with sitting for maximum results. Any question that only pertains to sitting, answer it as it pertains to your sitting set-up.

Take your time with the assessment, it should take you about ten minutes. You can review the solutions as you go but wait to implement them after the assessment is completed.


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