Does this look familiar?

Have you been feeling stiff in your back after reading or using your computer on the couch?

The entire spine works together as a team – when one area isn’t doing its job, another area has to pick up the slack!

We want to share with you three easy fixes to make sure sitting on the couch doesn’t leave you in pain afterwards!

Tip #1: Restore Your Lumbar Curve



Roll a towel or sweatshirt up and place this behind your low back. The bottom of the towel should be higher than your glutes so that it fits in the natural curve of your lumbar spine! Restoring this curve not only relieves pressure on your discs, but it also takes the hinge out of your midback – that nagging spot right between the shoulder blades!


Tip #2: Look Up!



Placing a pillow or two under what you are focusing your eyes on brings this up to a height closer to your natural vision level. If you are able to look forward rather than down, this allows the neck to be less compressed, offering relief from shoulder tension and headaches.


Tip #3: Take A Stretch Break!



While you sit, your hip flexors become used to being in a short and tight position. Throughout the day, this leads to compression and pain in the lower back. Ideally, a break would mean getting up and walking around, however we know this isn’t always an option! The most efficient break from the couch is to set a timer for every 30 minutes to stretch your hip flexors out! You can do this with the front leg on the couch or on the floor. You should feel the stretch in your back hip flexor. Bending the back knee will help you feel the stretch differently.

Are you dealing with neck or back stiffness from sitting? Dr. Olivia Johnson and Dr. Brian Bayer are chiropractors in Lincoln, NE who can assess and treat these issues utilizing three pillars of care: traditional chiropractic adjustments, soft-tissue therapies including Active Release Techniques, and rehabilitation exercises to keep you moving well and moving often!

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